The goal of Stampede Drilling is to provide the safest and most efficient drilling services in Southeast Saskatchewan. Advanced technology and experienced field staff provide the foundation for Stampede Drilling to be a leader in reliable drilling services.


The Workers Make the Difference.
Pipeline News
January 2013

The iron might be shiny, but it's the men who make the difference.

"We're going to let our actions speak. The men are what make the rig. You get the right people, they run well." - Bill Devins



Stampede Drilling about to head out of the gates.

A new drilling company is coming together in Estevan, with two rigs under construction. Stampede Drilling is set to launch operations this October with Rig 1, which is under assembly at Do-All Metal Fabricating’s Estevan location. Rig 2 is on its way for the end of the year. Their rigs will be identifiable by their metallic silver paint and metallic red trim. The operating area is expected to be southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba.